Lita's Future Plans, Piper Update, & More

Lita's Future Plans, Piper Update, & More
From WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper has been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. Also known as Hodgkins disease, Hodgkins lymphoma is a form of cancer found in the bodys lymphatic tissue. The lymphatic system helps filter out bacteria and is important in fighting diseases. Piper was sent home early from WWEs early-November tour of the United Kingdom and hospitalized for surgery, where doctors removed a mass at the spinal cord with an enlarged lymph node. The mass was completely removed, but the lymph node was positive for Hodgkins lymphoma. Radiation therapy is used to treat Hodgkins lymphoma; it is an extremely successful procedure, so the prognosis is very good for Piper.

Lita did an interview with She noted Ill have a lot of memories with me and a lot of experiences with me but Im ready to keep moving ahead, Lita confessed. Ive been looking around the locker room and there arent many people left that were here when I started. Its a sad time, but I know this is right." She also noted [Edge] is so close to me and he has heard me weigh out these options and talk about my feelings, Lita said. He is supportive and he understands my decision. Despite their deep bond, Lita candidly explained that her intentions to leave sports-entertainment began in mid-2005 with the onset of very personal issues involving Edge. When Litas relationship with the Rated-R Superstar became publicized and broadcast on WWE programming each week, the former Womens Champion experienced a drastically sharp transformation. It felt like even if I was walking the dog there was going to be someone yelling You screwed Matt out the window, she recalled. It really took a toll on me; it affected every aspect of my life. Although thats passed now, the weight of that situation stays with me every day. She added, I feel like there is no way for me to escape the whole feeling that I have from being involved in such a public affair. Theres no other alternative for me than to walk away. She also noted to that Ive had an awesome career and Im more confident in the ring today than I ever have been, Lita claimed. But, Ive made my mark. There is no hidden meaning behind my leaving; this is just me needing to take a break. Coming in and showing a new Diva that shes not hot stuff would be fun, she mused. I have the utmost respect for the amazing experiences I have had here and I am keeping the door open. Ill figure that out when it comes.

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