The Real Reason For Bill DeMott's Firing From WWE?

There were some politics involved in the release of Deep South Wrestling trainer Bill DeMott, who was soon replaced by Tom Prichard.

Mike Bucci (Simon Dean), the current WWE Head of Developmental, had been trying to get rid of DeMott since before DeMott even started as head trainer of Deep South. Although, sources are saying that unlike some political moves in WWE, this one was probably for the best as DeMotts training consisted largely of drills designed to get guys to puke, and that as an actual trainer of pro wrestlers, Prichard is worlds better.

Also, Bucci has been close with Prichard for some time. It is believed that Prichard had been quietly working in WWE developmental for awhile now. Problems with John Laurinaitis after he took over as Head of Talent Relations from Jim Ross led to Prichard originally being removed from his trainer position back in 2004.

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