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Bob Backlund, 58, walks to and from the hotel to the Impact Zone - and it's a long walk - 30 to 60 minutes. After the iMPACT! tapings, it's dark outside as well and he still insists that he must walk as numerous people have tried to pick him up. He attributes his current good health to all the walking he does and estimates he finds an average of 50 cents a day in change while walking according to He also starts his day with a glass of carrot juice and garlic. He says the concoction is the closest thing in nature to "human blood." Whatever works Bob!

It is being said that TNA management wants Vince Russo to relocate to Nashville from Atlanta, where he currently resides. Based on what is known right now, Russo is said to be hesitant about making the move because of the lack of long-term assurances that comes with the role of a booker in the wrestling business. So, while there are no indications that TNA wants to remove Russo from his role right now with the company, he understands there is no long-term guarantee and making this move would be a big change for his family. We will continue to follow this situation as it develops.

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