Batista's Website Fixed, Candice Michelle Update, More

Batista's Website Fixed, Candice Michelle Update, More
Batista's official website ( was hacked sometime yesterday. The home page had big white letters that said Turkish hackers were there. There was also a big poem posted about Armenians and it said "Peace at home, peace in the world." Anyways, the site is fine now as everything has since been restored.

Candice Michelle appeared on the Monday Night Mayhem audio wrestling show last night (audio can be found on and confirmed that she had a MySpace page. She said that fans would often come to her in between shows and tell her that they talked to her on MySpace. Candice would then say that she didn't have a MySpace page and that these "Candice's" were people pretending to be her. She also said that she's home only two days a week and she can't reply to everyone via e-mail on her official website. She still wants to communicate with her fans and thus she plans on posting blogs on her MySpace page in the future. Her official MySpace page is located at It is produced by the people behind her official website, which was recently relaunched.

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