Steroid Investigation, Matt Hardy/Lita, Bob Holly/WM, More

Steroid Investigation, Matt Hardy/Lita, Bob Holly/WM, More
Source: PWInsider

The Associated Press picked up the article regarding a number of professional wrestlers in the ongoing steroid investigation in Florida. They used Randy Orton's name in the opening paragraph.

The new issue of WWE Magazine featuring The Undertaker on the cover, features an interview with Matt Hardy. The magazine noted that Matt's return to the company wasn't "exactly as triumphant as most people would have hoped." Matt responded; "I knew I'd be fighting an uphill battle and there are definitely some things I would have done different." When asked about how life is backstage since the departure of former girlfriend Lita, Matt replied; "It's a lot less stressful. People don't see what went on behind the camera. It was just a roller-coaster all the time. There were so many feelings involved, and there still are. I'm definitely glad she's not around anymore - out of sight, out of mind."

The WWE Magazine also features a short article on Bob Holly. Bob Holly not being featured in many WrestleMania events was brought up and Bob responded; "It would bother anybody, especially when you know you have the talent. It's not due to the lack of talent, it's not due to being unpopular with the fans. It's due to somebody somewhere who doesn't like me."

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