Press Conference: Donald Trump Slaps Vince McMahon

- Vince then went into full heel mode, and said Trump symbolizes greed, and that he can't stand him. He said he'll embarrass him on Sunday, and that America wants to see Trump shaven bald. They had a barber's chair set up on the podium area, and Vince sat in the chair and told of what will happen to Trump when he's shaven. It dragged on a little in all honesty. Vince then introduced Umaga, who stared at a few people sat at the front, including Miss USA. Vince told him catering was off to the side, and Umaga left, while Vince took a back seat.

- Coach then introduced Donald Trump, who got a big pop. Trump said he and Vince used to be friends, but not no. He said Vince treates people and WWE fans like crap, and that he truly doesn't like him. By now, already this promo was better than Batista's. He ran Vince down some more, saying how he was better than him on every level. He then said he did his research on who to pick to represent him, and spoke to other wrestlers, and made the call to have Bobby Lashley represent him on Sunday. He got his name right too!

- Lashley came out to a decent reception. Big "ECW" chants started. He said it was an honor to represent Trump on Sunday, then said he guaranteed that Vince would be shaved bald on Sunday.

- Coach introduced Steve Austin next. Crowd popped as you'd expect. Austin put over WrestleMania as being bigger than the Superbowl, and really put over the importance of the event over the years. He asked Vince and Trump to join him for one last photo opportunity before one of them is shaven bald on Sunday. They went to shake hands but Vince backed off and started to mock Trump. Trump slapped him hard across the face which sent Vince flying backwards, then after security kept Vince away from him, Lashley took Vince down. Vince stormed off as the live feed ended.

Pretty good event overall. They pushed what you'd expect to push, and the ending with Trump will more than likely get some mainstream coverage over the next day or two.

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