Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

In a backstage segment for 3/15 iMPACT! show, Bob Backlund did the Harvard step test. When they told Backlund the idea of the segment, with the visual of Backlund doing step-ups covered in sweat in the background for a scene, Backlund, who now does three hours step-ups consecutively in every step-up workout, of course had no problem with the segment. For the segment, they told him that they'd spray him down with a water bottle to show him sweating, but he refused to allow it. Instead, he insisted on doing two hours of step-ups so that his sweat would be authentic for the segment. He actually wanted to do three hours worth of step-ups, but because they didn't have the right kind of mat to step up and down like he has at home, his knee was starting to bother him and he stopped. is reporting that fans were all over Brother Ray at the 3/12 iMPACT! tapings as a number of them brought "pig-face" signs and chanted "Smells like bacon" towards him.

TNA producer Jesse Ward (who was in Tough Enough 2) is always getting on peoples' case to get backstage interviewer Leticia Cline into more segments. She's the person who discovered her, which was in October. There is also a poll on Maxim's official website called "2007 Hometown Hotties" and she's in it. They were telling all the people backstage to vote for her at the iMPACT! taping.

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