Stephanie and Triple H were said to have been very upset backstage this past Sunday at WrestleMania. In one of his news updates over the weekend, Dave Meltzer spoiled some of the matches & segments (such as Slick appearing) that were going to be airing on WrestleMania. He also reported that Shane McMahon wanted to open the PPV as the host, standing in the ring and throwing it over to Aretha Franklin to perform. He also reported that Stephanie was against this idea, resulting in it not happening. Triple H and Stephanie got wind of the story, and they were said to be very upset about it, perhaps because it made Stephanie look bad. They are determined to find the source of the leak. has updated the synopsis for the content you can expect to see on WWE 24/7 this month. This month's theme is "Manager Mayhem". Harvey Wippleman will be hosting the "Shorties" section, which will feature clips of managers in wrestling matches. This month will also feature Judgment Day 2002 (Taker's last title win before Mania 23) and Backlash 2003 (Goldberg vs. Rock). They also updated the synopsis for next month. The theme will be "Latino Legends". They will be featuring the WCW When Worlds Collide PPV and the Eddie Guerrero Raw Tribute show.

Linda McMahon presented a special World Heavyweight Championship to Laura Bush for her extensive work with the USO of Metropolitan Washington.

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