Lots Of News On 'Mania, Lilian Garcia, SD!, & More

Lots Of News On 'Mania, Lilian Garcia, SD!, & More
The New York Times has a major article up on WWE and WrestleMania. The article features quotes from CM Punk, fans, and others and puts over WrestleMania as a major pop-culture event and WWE as a "morality play." Obviously this is great publicity for WWE.

The May theme for WWE 24/7 will be Latino Legends with matches featuring Pedro Morales, Mil Mascaras, and other talent from Super Astros, ECW, and WCW.

Smackdown finished with a 2.7 rating last week.

Lilian Garcia was listed at #4 on today's Yahoo! Top Searches. That is obviously the highest she has ever been and the highest a WWE personality has been on the list in awhile. The interest is likely from people looking for a picture of Garcia having her skirt pulled off in the McMahon/Lashley segment from RAW on Monday.

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