Bryan Alvarez reported on his "Bryan and Vinny" online show that Ashley Massaro was in tears after her match at WrestleMania. She knew it was an awful match and was quite upset about it afterwards.

Cryme Tyme's push is said to be done. It's pretty much the same story of the writers loving a gimmick at first, but getting quickly bored with it within due time.

Tuesday on the front page of, Lilian Garcia is ranked at number four for today's top searches. She is only ranked behind searches for the reality show The Bachelor, the band Linkin Park, and Knight Rider. According to their Buzz Index, she had the 17th biggest 1-day move as searches for her jumped 301% Tuesday. Just behind her on the Buzz Index is Vince McMahon, who had the 20th biggest 1-day move as searches for him jumped 249% Monday.

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