An Update On The Vickie/Theodore Long/Kristal Angle

An Update On The Vickie/Theodore Long/Kristal Angle
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Nobody really knows what's going on with the Vickie Guerrero/Theodore Long/Kristal storyline, mostly because Vince McMahon keeps changing his mind on what to do with it. It's more because of that then officials souring on Vickie Guerrero.

One week, Vince wants Long as the classy G.M. with integrity and hates the storyline of him falling for Kristal, thus making Vickie the G.M. of SmackDown. The next week, he wants Long to be seduced by Kristal, which is what they did for last week's show as he gave her a flower. There has even been a proposal of making Long having a drinking problem, although they haven't gone that far just yet.

Vickie Guerrero has been brought to TV in recent weeks because no one knows ahead of time in regards to what direction Vince McMahon wants to go in. As of late, Vickie has not been used. She last appeared on SmackDown on 2/23.

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