Jim Ross has another new blog entry up. Some highlights are below.

On life as an announcer: The life of a WWE announcer might not be as glamorous as one might expect. The King and I shared a dressing room, normally a storage room, with others Monday night. That's not a bad thing, but we had no bathroom, no shower, and no place to actually sit and prepare for our show. This is really not that unusual nor is it a deal breaker as this business teaches one to adapt to all situations and circumstances. "Poor us".

On Cody Rhodes: If Cody is allowed to stay "down on the farm" until he is ready and isn't "picked too green," the son of the American Dream can be a main event level performer in the WWE for years to come. Cody's maturity and understanding of many of the nuances of the biz remind me of a young Rock back in the day. Things others have to be taught come naturally to Cody. Nonetheless I would make sure Cody has no less than 2 years in the developmental programs before I exposed him on worldwide TV. I probably just jinxed this ultra-talented kid, but he is a blue chipper who I am really looking forward to watching hopefully become a major star. I am really pleased that he has his Mama's genes in him, as he is a handsome and truly athletic young man. (Only kidding, Dream!)

On Mr. Kennedy: I have said here many times that I really like Kennedy's potential and feel the new "Mr. Money in the Bank" has the ability to be a main event level talent for years to come. Again, Kennedy has some "Stunning Steve" qualities about him, which is damn sure a good thing. As long as Kennedy, or any young talent, realizes that this business is a long and challenging journey and that they never STOP learning he will be fine. Untimely injuries are the kiss of death in this biz, as is bad attitudes such as "I know it all" or "The rules don't apply to me."

On Shawn Michaels' future: Some fans speculate that WM23 was HBK's last major Wrestlemania moment. I could not disagree more. Unless Mother Nature taps Shawn Michaels on the shoulder and says "it's time," then I see HBK having more 'Mania moments especially considering Shawn is still arguably as good an in ring performer as there is in the entire WWE. HBK is a by product of the wrestling territory system which has provided him invaluable tools to make and to keep HBK as a main event level talent for the foreseeable future.

On the Lawler/Hogan match: I am not up to speed with the pending Jerry Lawler-Hulk Hogan match that is being talked about for Memphis. Knowing how these deals often fall apart at the last minute, I would be somewhat surprised if it ever happens, but I have been wrong before as many of you so gleefully remind me more often than not.

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