There is a section on listing the 10 wildest stars ever in history, and Umaga comes in at number two. WWE seems to be taking a dig at TNA wrestler Samoa Joe with the following line in Umaga's description: "Hailing from the Isle of Samoa,'s No. 2 Wildest Superstar is far from any average Joe; he's a savage of the highest order. His power is fierce, his fury explosive. Reasoning with him is useless."

It looks like Edge will be having pyro whenever he makes his entrance now. At the SNME taping, Edge's pyro consisted of several firey-like explosions.

The scheduled but not official match between Chris Benoit and MVP was changed yesterday and replaced by Kane vs. Henry. Decisions change constantly, but as of last night, Benoit vs. MVP was pulled from the show.

Candice Michelle has posted up a new blog entry on, her first since February. In February, both she and Melina were having a "blog battle" on But things started to get a bit too personal, and WWE put an end to it. Candice did a blog entry back in March in which she was kind of "shooting" as she had some unflattering things to say about Melina, including how she's perceived backstage. As she noted during a radio show appearance that same month, refused to post the blog entry directed towards Melina. In her latest blog entry, Candice makes note of refusing to post the last one and that it upset her. Also, Melina was engaged in a feud with Ashley Massaro in the build for WrestleMania, and they didn't want that to be a distraction because the two weren't feuding at the time. It's kayfabe when she talk about Melina because they're currently in a feud, but the other parts of the blog seem to be how she really feels.

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