Huge Evening Update: Mania, Booker, More

On the WWE Wrestlemania 23 DVD, on Disc 2, during the John Cena VS Shawn Michaels Match, they have edited out the run-in fan who attempted streaking while the referee and security ran him out. Instead, WWE cut it out and skip straight to the bell ringing starting the match.

MMA legend and former UFC middleweight champion Frank Shamrock held an open workout for fans and media Thursday in his hometown of San Jose, Calif.

WWE hall of famer Jerry "The King" Lawler worked some Carolinas indie shows last weekend as part of Dukefest, a festival for fans of "The Dukes of Hazzard." The original plans for Summerslam have changed with the inclusion of the WWE vs. Jackass angle, and the knee injury suffered by Shawn Michaels. The card was to feature Rated RKO vs. DX or Triple H vs. either Edge or Orton, which at this point, looks to be Triple H vs. Randy Orton, which explains Orton's recent push. Another match originally planned for the 8/26 Summerslam had Vince McMahon against Rey Mysterio Jr. The idea for a McMahon-Mysterio match hasn't been dropped entirely, but obviously they aren't currently heading in that direction.

World Wrestling Entertainment's "King Booker" trademark has expired.

As made official on Smackdown Friday night, Edge will defend the World title again against Batista at the 6/24 Vengeance PPV.

During Friday Night Smackdown in the United Kingdom, a Randy Orton 'Don't Try This PSA' was shown. Fox has asked if anone has any of the PSA's, e-mail him at [email protected]

Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia is still recovering from ACL surgery.

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