Orton's New Crippler Gimmick, Rosey's Brother To WWE, More

Orton's New Crippler Gimmick, Rosey's Brother To WWE, More
Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Randy Orton's new gimmick as a crippler is being done to build him up for the returning Triple H. The match will be held at SummerSlam. Original SummerSlam plans included either DX vs. Team RKO or a singles match between Triple H and Orton or Edge. There were also plans for a Vince McMahon vs. Rey Mysterio match, but that hasn't been talked about in a while.

Joe Anoia, who is the brother of former WWE star Rosey, got cut by the Minnesota Vikings on 5/31. He didn't even make it to mini-camp. It's almost a lock that if he doesn't hook up with another NFL team this year, or doesn't at least make practice squad roster, that he'll be offered a developmental contract from WWE.

The Vengeance pay-per-view at the Toyota Center in Houston sold out a month in advance with no matches advertised. McMahon is doing the "Night of Champions" concept because McMahon has little confidence in revolving talent up and down into the marquee matches. So we're left with the same people appearing on every pay-per-view and they're doing gimmick themes to differentiate the pay-per-views as much as possible.

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