Linda And Vince McMahon (Yes a not so dead Vince) recently sat down with Broadcasting & Cable Magazine as the McMahons spoke about marketing strategies within the WWE. The article goes in depth about how WWE is now targeting Fortune 500 companies for a long term partnership instead of using them once for a big pay per view as it past years.

Also noted was that WWE outside the world of Professional Wrestling is a failure. The most notable aspects are the XFL, the World Restaurant in NYC and a failed hotel venture in Las Vegas. On the other hand, the WWE has had great success with licensing various acture figures and a video library full of WWE, ECW and WCW videos.

The article also noted that WWE had it's last peak during the Attitude era where The Rock and Austin were it's top stars, John Cena, the current WWE top contender hasn't reached that level as of yet. When asked about today's market, Vince McMahon had this to say:

"I think we're holding our own in this fractionalized market that becomes more fractionalized every day. I'm not particularly satisfied with where we are, and I don't know that I ever would be."

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