WWE Ladder Match debuts on the Fanatic PPV Series on 8/1.

WWE's SvR Franchise has an article on SvR 08 in the reviews section of July's Game Informer Magazine. It talks about the new features, including WWE 24/7 mode, and the new Struggle Submission System. It also talks about the WWE Superstars looking more like their on screen counterparts, thanks to a new animation upgrade, and the new superstar fighting strategies. According to GameStop, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008: ECW Invasion will be released on November 13 (Eddie Guerrero's death 2 year anniversary) on PS2 ($49.99), PS3 ($59.99), PSP ($39.99), Wii ($49.99), DS ($29.99), and XBOX 360 ($59.99).

Easy E sent this one in: I was driving on a major road today, and I saw a giant billboard with Dawn Marie's face on it. She's doing real estate now, I think it was a Century 21 sign (I'm not sure, it's a fast road so I didn't get much time to inspect it). I'm not sure, but she might have gotten married to her baby's daddy, because while I was glancing at the sign it said "Dawn Marie Baretta" (again, I believe, but the last name did start with a B). Considering she did move back to Woodbridge, NJ, I was 100% sure it was her. I think I might have to start looking for a place now so I can meet her in person. She still looks pretty good going by the billboard, good for her. After all this crazy BS this week, I thought a bit of nice news would be good to report.

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