Benoit's Dad, Bret Hart, & Chyna All Comment On Benoit Tragedy

Benoit's Dad, Bret Hart, & Chyna All Comment On Benoit Tragedy
Benoit's Dad, Bret Hart, & Chyna All Comment On Benoit Tragedy

Notes from the Fox Sports News channel's 'On the record with Greta Van Susteren'

- They showed investigators removing computers from Dr. Ashin's office.

- Ashin prescripted Testosterone due to Benoit's low testosterone levels, likely as a result of previouis steroid use.

- Investigators found numerous prescription drugs inside the Benoit home.

- Jimmy Wales of was interviewed and has no idea who posted Nancy Benoit's death hours before her body was found. He said they are cooperating with the police.

- He said the person that made the entry also edited other wrestling stories, as determined by the person's IP number.

Bret Hart

- Hart said the Wikipedia tidbit is just another bizarre piece to the puzzle.

- Hart said he doesn't know anyone who received a text message from Benoit.

- Hart doesn't refute that Benoit was taking testosterone. Hart said he wants to get to the bottom of this like everyone.

- Hart said there has been a problem with steroid use in wrestling, but noted that WWE is drug testing.

- Hart said wrestlers took steroids during the Hulk Hogan years to help in recuperating their bodies.

- Hart said WWE has previously drug tested, but had abandoned testing until the Eddy Guerrero death.

- He said his best matches were when he was steroid free.

Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer

- "I'm disgusted and horrified," said Laurer of the Benoit tragedy.

- She said WWE has had major read flags over the years.

- Laurer said she was never drug tested when she was in the WWE.

- She said she never used steroids, but feared using them as a women's wrestler.

- "Very quiet and talent," said of Benoit. She said he was trained in Japan. She said she didn't know Nancy Benoit.

Michael Benoit (Chris' father)

"We have no understanding why it happened. It's going to take us a long time to come to terms with this, and we may never come to terms with it."

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