More On Chris Benoit's Final Days, Reporter Questioned

More On Chris Benoit's Final Days, Reporter Questioned
"Chris Benoit’s Final Days" (People Magazine, July 16, 2007)

- Brad Armstrong is interviewed. He recalls Chris Benoit meeting a young boy after his match at Backlash. Benoit asks the boy his age, and when he answers seven, Benoit replies “I have a son who’s 7 also.”

- Investigators found Chris Benoit shirtless on the floor of a mirrored basement exercise room.

- Benoit had to drive 42 miles to Dr. Phil Astin’s office in Carrollton, GA.

- "They had a big house, and an entire room was devoted to crafts and making things," said Richard Decker, an Atlanta attorney who represents Nancy’s parents.

- Apparently at Nancy’s request, Benoit took a four-month leave from work last year to be with his wife while she recovered from surgery.

- "He wasn’t a monster," says friend and former wrestler Dean Malenko.

- Benoit is described as "broken man" following the death of best friend Eddy Guerrero.

- They also interviewed Marc Mero, Italian Stallion, and Rick Steiner.

- Years before their 2000 marriage, Nancy was charged with aggravated battery after, according to her then husband, wrestling Kevin Sullivan, she came after him with a knife. She admitted holding the knife, but the charge from the 1997 episode was eventually dropped.

- “I ended up being questioned.” This a direct quote from the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter when discussing the Wikipedia entry story that a nineteen year old college student from Stamford, CT posted an update hours before Police arrived to the Benoit home that Nancy Benoit was dead. When identifying the source, he said “Meltzer said it,” to give the story creditability. The way the web log was worded made people speculate that perhaps that Benoit had called Meltzer to admit he killed his wife before killing himself.

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