The day WWE received word that Chris Benoit was found dead in his home along with his wife and son, WWE was in Corpus Christi, TX getting ready for a three hour Raw special focusing on the funeral of Mr. McMahon. Notes:

- "Daniel Beck" was scheduled to arrest Linda McMahon on the show. Linda would be deemed a murder suspect.

- All the wrestlers were told to bring black suits for the "funeral."

- As they were scripting eulogies, the sheriff's office called around 4PM to inform the company that Benoit and his family was dead.

- In weird irony, the raw set was already decorated with a casket and a hearse.

- WWE booked a choir for the funeral, and flowers and wreaths were being loaded into the arena.

- WWE was also setting up memorial candles and photos of Vince.

- Ted DiBiase was brought in for a cameo for the funeral. DiBiase helped to counsel people, many were described as basket caskets.

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