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I went to a Music World here in Ontario a couple days after the Benoit verdict from the media hit the airwaves. I couldn't find the Hard Knocks DVD set anywhere, so I asked the manager, a friend of mine. He said the DVDs were being pulled from most of the Canadian outlets where they were sold, and had already been pulled from that specific store. I've checked several other stores in the area, can't find any of the sets. Before people were told Benoit actually murdered his family before offing himself, the DVDs were curiously very cheap here, going down from 35 bucks to just over 22 just days before they were pulled from shelves. [Thanks to Paul]

I read that people are sending in news on how Benoit stuff are selling, well here in Hamilton Ontario all DVDs, videos and action figures were pulled the day it was told he killed his family. To make it worse, a no named store that sells bootlegged videos had his Hard Knocks DVD selling for $49.99, I asked why so high {to see if they knew} and they said because he's dead. [Thanks to Shayne Ritter]

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