Gunner Scott On Benoit, WWE Drug Testing, Heyman & More

Brent Albright: The business today is very different from the "rock and roll" lifestyle that surrounded the business several years back. Do people use or abuse drugs in wrestling? Sure there are some. But that is no different than in any profession. I believe that WWE is doing everything it can to police the situation, even though legally they don't have to. I think I was tested about four times (one baseline & three or so random) over the course of about a year & passed with flying colors every time. They test for everything under the sun steroids, pain pills, cocaine, whatever. Their tests are so sensitive actually that one guy I knew failed a test due to an over the counter supplement he bought at GNC it elevated his testosterone count too high. Nevertheless, he was suspended without pay period. They use a third party company to do the tests the same one used by the NFL. I really don't know what else could be expected of them. Besides I think it is a little crazy to blame WWE for poor decisions made by individuals. But that is just my opinion.

Andy Steven: You worked with Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman during your time at Ohio Valley Wrestling. How was it working with these two great minded wrestling individuals?

Brent Albright: Cornette & Heyman are obviously very different when it comes to their booking. That doesn't mean either one is "right" or "wrong" of course. I learned so much from both these men and have so many great memories from working with them. I still speak to them from time to time. I certainly hope to work with them again I actually got to work with Cornette again briefly at Ring of Honor. I owe them a lot for the faith they had in me and for really helping me advance and shine during my time at OVW.

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