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Jim Neidhart was added to the "Where Are They Now" section sometime in the two weeks, and Pat Rose was just added a couple days ago. [Thanks to Mat Johnson]

South Africa is 3 weeks behind in WWE programming. Benoit vs. Burke was edited off the June 19 episode of ECW. Some references Tazz made of Benoit did make it through the edit. The opening credits featured Nitro as champ even though the episode was the one before Vengeance. [Thanks to Terraryz]

The advertised SmackDown main event for the August 21 taping in Columbia, SC is Edge vs. Batista for the Championship. [Thanks to Darryl Geder]

WWE have an upcoming event at the Ryan Center on August 12, the advertised main event for this show is John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. [Thanks to Justin Shipp]

I was looking on wikipedia at a whole load of different wrestler pages and other wrestling related pages, I then went to Umaga's page and his profile picture is him with a TNA Tag Team Title belt over his shoulder. This confused me as TNA has only had the actual TNA titles for a couple of months and Umaga has been with WWE for around a year. Something that confused me more is the fact Umaga has his SAMOA tattoo on his stomach, which he has had for months. So I figured this image must have been taken recently. [Thanks to Kev Perry]

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