Mero Contacts TNA, Jerry Jarrett, Rick Steiner Steroids

Mero Contacts TNA, Jerry Jarrett, Rick Steiner Steroids
Source: Wrestling Observer

- Marc Mero who has been on a media spree lately contacted TNA's president Dixie carter regarding their so called Drugs testing policy. TNA lawyers stated that the subject was a private matter.

TNA representative Craig Jenkins said TNA has "nothing to hide" when it comes to steroids. They claim that they do have a working policy yet cannot reveal the details due to a privacy policy.

- The man who initially started TNA with his son Jeff, Jerry Jarrett recently wrote a letter to the WU Online website, and stated that you shouldn't let your kids watch the TNA or WWE product because both have a negative influence. Jerry Jarrett is still on bad terms with Jeff last I heard.

- 80's wrestler the Angel of Death (real name - Dave Sheldon) said he personally witnessed Rick Steiner injecting steroids in his rear when on a recent radio show.

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