-- Lance Storm has updated his commentary on his website talking about how he was almost Eric Bischoff's illegitimate son.

Below are some highlights from the commentary:
" When I was first negotiating to join WCW back in the spring of 2000 I had my first meeting with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. This was during the Bischoff/Russo régime and I was flown to Atlanta to meet with both of them after first being contacted by Terry Taylor. We met in a large suite at one of the local Marietta hotels that I was told the office booked every week for Vince and Eric to meet and write Nitro and Thunder. Why they didn't just work at the office is beyond me, I guess WCW just really liked spending money."

"Russo was doing more of the creative end writing the shows so he started explaining his creative process and offering possibilities on what they might do with me, should I join WCW. The first idea out of his mouth was, "This is just off of the top of my head but what about making you Eric's illegitimate son? You have that same arrogant cocky look on your face that he usually has." This statement was a little unnerving. Is it good to have a cocky arrogant look on your face when trying to get a job? Russo continued that since Eric was a constant presence on TV, they could have him get into situation where wrestler would just about be ready to get their hands on him and I could come out of the crown to rescue him. There would be a big build up speculating on who I was and why I was coming to Eric's aid. It would eventually be revealed that I was his illegitimate son."

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