What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Patrick Schmick passed along the following report:

I've only got the winners for the dark matches because one of the fans by me was having medical issues and we were tending to him until the medics arrived.

The pre-Raw winners were Mickie James, Super Crazy and Val Venis beat local talents. Hacksaw Duggan beat Daivari.

There was a decent crowd for the show, about 10,000 by my estimation. The entire lower bowl was full, as was a good share of the upper deck across from the hard camera. All other seating was tarped off.

When we found out that Randy Orton would not be there, most of the crowd was disappointed.

This was the only WWE show of the year for Milwaukee and the crowd was pretty lively for the action tonight. There was a line several blocks long to get in the arena an hour and a half before RAW began on USA.

Hardcore Holly got a nice pop for his return as well, and based onreports in recent weeks, I doubted he'd even wrestle again.

Biggest Pops of the night: HHH Cena Jeff Hardy Hornswoggle Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Heat)

Biggest Heat: Mr. McMahon Coach Santino Marella

After Raw, John Cena just posed in the ring, then walked out, shaking the hands of fans.

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