JR's Blog: Rock/HHH, TNA, Cor Von, Pillman, Lawler & More

JR's Blog: Rock/HHH, TNA, Cor Von, Pillman, Lawler & More
For the full blog visit jrsbarbq.com, Here are this week's highlights:

- HHH vs. The Rock had great chemistry and the two had some exceptional bouts over the years. Both were up and coming, both were students of the game, and both were hungry to establish themselves as main event players in the WWE, so the timing of their rivalry was on the money. These two men were two of my finest signees while I was the head of talent relations for the WWE. A few more fortunate hires like this would "cure what ails us" in today's marketplace.

- Do I think that TNA is following the Green Mile march of WCW? I hope not and haven't heard of any financial issues within TNA. Time will tell and the key component for them to grow is probably going to be the growth of their PPV biz. In all due respect to TNA, I don't perceive them as a huge threat to the WWE and that shouldn't be TNA's goal any way. When one focuses too much on the perceived competition then one's eye is taken off the ball, which isn't good.

- I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years since Brian Pillman passed away. Wow. I vividly remember Vince McMahon and I flying to Cincy for Brian's wake and viewing the body was one of the more challenging and emotional things I have ever had to do. It was exactly like attending the services of a family member. I do not know the WWE's plans regarding commemorating Brian's passing.

- I don't think the WWE wanted to release Marcus Cor Von but his personal/family situation dictated such. Perhaps Marcus will get another opportunity some day with the WWE but taking care of his young family members is much more important than his wrestling career at this time. Hell, at any time.

- Would I replace Jerry Lawler with Tony Schiavone or Randy Savage as my broadcast partner? In all due respect to both Tony and Randy…Hell no! All this manure about King needing to be more edgy and more Ventura or JBL-like is such old news. If wrestling broadcasters have to be the Battling Bickersons all the time it seems to be somewhat predictable, but that's just an opinion. Can J.R. and the King verbally spar more, sure, and perhaps we will in the future. I like what we currently do, but I can also see that our style might not be for everyone. I don't know how many more years we will have to work together but I can't think of any one I would rather be partners with than Jerry Lawler.

- I always heard that Hulk's black eye at WM9 was a result of a jet ski accident and not a right hand from Randy Savage.

-Would a Hulk-Austin Cage match draw at a PPV? Of course it would, if built properly. But as Austin has said multiple times on radio interviews while promoting "The Condemned" DVD release, the match isn't going to happen. Between Steve's neck condition, the apparent clash of each wrestlers style and the simple matter that Austin doesn't want to do the match and be less than 100% in his view, this match simply isn't going to happen. Let's unsaddle this broken down subject matter and put it out to pasture along with the worn out question on whether the Rock is coming back to the ring. He's not. Next.

- The Ring of Honor will have a hard time replicating Mid South Wrestling for many reasons. The fact that Mid South ran a weekly territory with highly placed TV clearances on many network affiliates and the skill level of the talent roster will keep the two promotions separate. Nonetheless, I am one who hope ROH continues to do well and continues to develop solid wrestlers.

- If Hulk and Savage ever returned together to the WWE I am sure that the term MegaPowers could be used but the term that comes to my mind would be "It's A Miracle!".

- If I could call a match that I have never called before what would it be? Hard to pick just one. What about Austin vs. Brody? Taker vs. Andre? HHH vs. Race? HBK vs. Buddy Rogers? The Briscos, Jack and Jerry of course, Cowboy Bill Watts and Danny Hodge vs. The Funks, Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch in my own personal version of the Red River Shootout. Rock vs. Flair? How's that for starters? Those matches would be awesome in a video game, wouldn't they?

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