-- Booker T will make his first appearance at 3D Power Blends smoothly shop owned by Brother Devon in Melborne, FL.

Booker will also appear at 1882 North Wickham Road in Melborne on October 20th from 3pm to 6pm. For more information you can 321-254-9057.

-- The plans for Krissy Vaine prior to her release from WWE, was to give her a big push on SmackDown! with a lot of time on TV. Michael Hayes was in favor for Vaine to get pushed as he felt she was above the rest of the Divas on the roster.

In related news, WWE has no plans to have her boyfriend Ryan O'Reilly, pushed up to mainstream WWE programming but instead worked several Raw shows to get him back in the circuit. Apparently Vince McMahon was impressed by O'Reilly.

- As previously reported, WWE developmental wrestler Cassidy James broke his arm in a match with The Major Brothers in a recent match. James has been fitted with a cast and will be out for six weeks give or take a few days.

-- It looks like WWE released OVW trainer Robert Gibson due to the whole CM Punk/Tony Atlas altercation. Heat sparked three different ways here. Atlas received heat from the wrestlers for acting in the matter he did, Punk received heat for being confrontational with a WWE legend, and Robert Gibson(along with several other OVW trainers) received heat for letting the situation escalate to the level it did.

The heat also got to Al Snow as well but Gibson got the worst of it all.

Source: F4WOnline.com

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