The police report detailing Nick Hogan's car accident is now online. It includes a diagram of the crash scene as well as a detailed description of how it occured. According to the report. Vehicle one was traveling east in the outside lane of travel of Court Street, east of South Missouri Avenue. Vehicle one lost control striking the outside curb of Court Street. Vehicle one spun 180 degrees prior to the impact, crossing both eastbound lanes of travel. Vehicle one jumped the center median in reverse and struck a large palm tree with the median of Court Street. The speed of the vehicle will be determined when a full reconstruction of the scene is performed. It should be noted that the investigation is not yet complete. Police are still waiting on pending blood test results.

TMZ just revealed some of the stars who will populating the celeb edition of "The Apprentice," and just moments ago -- whaddya know! -- caught them in the middle of a challenge, selling hot dogs on the streets of New York! And NBC wasn't happy to see our cameras there. While Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons and Vincent "Big p---y" Pastore tried to get passersby to stop at their cart, John Cena and Stephen Baldwin dished out the wieners to what looked like happy (albeit bewildered) customers. People seemed a lot more interested in chilling with the celebs than in a dirty water dog. When TMZ got there, production goons did everything they could to block our shot -- which just seemed ridiculous, considering that a huge crowd of people was already gawking. So it appears the earlier reports of Cena being on the new Celebrity Apprentice are true.

Maria didn't go on WWE's full European tour this time around. She still managed to get some ring time this week because she went to Tampa, home of WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling. She wanted to work out in the ring at their wrestling school. "This week I'm actually going to Tampa, Florida, and I'm going to work out in the ring at the wrestling school down there, and see who the new girls are and see what they're all about," Maria said. "I'm going to have some fun. I'm really excited. Natty Neidhart is down there, and I'm definitely excited to work with her, that's what I'm looking forward to the most." Maria talks about this in this week's edition of "Diva Dish" on The article also talks about how Jillian Hall saved Mickie James' life because a car almost hit her this week in England. Jillian managed to pull Mickie away before she could get hit.

Several fans and even family members of Lex Luger have emailed me asking for updates. The only thing I can tell you is that I'm told he had a mild heart attack and not a stroke as I reported earlier. The only information the hospital released to me is that he is in stable condition but is in the emergency care unit.

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