Brock Lesnar Discusses UFC Debut, Says 'Wrestling Is Fake'

Brock Lesnar Discusses UFC Debut, Says 'Wrestling Is Fake'
Brock Lesnar took part in UFC's big media conference call yesterday afternoon and had a lot to say. Here's what Brock said:

- Brock Lesnar's UFC debut will take place on February 2nd, "Superbowl Saturday". When asked who he wants to fight first, Lesnar said he'll leave that decision for Dana White.

- "Pro wrestling is fake .. this is the real deal". He is thrilled to be out of WWE because "he's still alive". Ouch.

- He's been considering MMA since 2000. He said he jumped at WWE's six figure deal right out of college, but had been thinking about MMA prior to that.

- He's very excited to be in UFC. This is a major opportunity and he will rise to the occasion.

- Brock is very excited to make a name for himself in the MMA world. This is not a joke for him - he trains daily and plans to come in at 150%. He's not setting himself up for a defeat. That's not in his vocabulary.

- UFC fighters better take him seriously. He has an awesome ground game obviously and guys who train with him say he's very good. Dana White put him over as a former amateur wrestler and NFL star.

- Overall, Lesnar came off as very confident. We'll find out on February 2nd if he's the real deal.

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