From Seth in Essexville, MI. I went into my local Wal Mart and got Undertaker's new CD - 15-0 for $14.99.
Along with Rey Mysterio's "Biggest Little Man" 3 disc DVD set for just $14.99. That's quite a deal cause FYE is selling the same very 3 disc set for $34.99.

From Mike Buzzard: I was just listening to All Night with Jason Smith on ESPN radio and he kept using Roddy Piper catchphrases. Ones he used were in regards to david stern changing the rules for NBA referees. Such as "When you got answers I change the questions", and " we're here to report sports and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of bubble gum. He then joked with his coanchor and was told it's the next level when Koko B. Ware is mentioned.

from Ron Sheldon: I took my son & daughter to the book signing at Barnes & Noble tonight to see Y2J, he was very friendly with everyone and joked with the crowd throughout the session. One fan had screen printed the binary code promo from Raw and had it on a t-shirt, and somebody asked if there is 222 pages in the book. He laughed and said there is actually 444 pages and that's a secret clue.

Speaking of Y2J booking signings, Jericho will be signing copies of his book A Lion's Tale tonight in Lake Buene Vista, FL at the Virgin Megastore Orlando, starting at 7PM. For more details, call 407-828-0222. has a new article online with ECW Original Balls Mahoney talking about his tattoos.

Chris Jericho's schedule for his booking singing tour (that is now underway) goes from October 25th to November 15th. Jericho will be signing every day expect for Halloween, November 12th, and November 13th. It is interesting to note that November 12th is when WWE RAW will be held in Topeka, Kansas and on November 13th SmackDown/ECW will be taped in Wichita, Kansas. While one can only speculate, it could be an indication that WWE told Jericho to leave these dates open. Those are the final television dates before the company's Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Rhino, Christopher Daniels, Senshi, and Ron Killings are all scheduled to work the TNA/New Japan interpromotional war show in Japan on November 11th. This is the same day as TNA's Genesis pay-per-view so it is assumed that none of them will work the event.

Christian Cage stars in a horror-comedy called "Dark Rising." It will be released on DVD on October 30th and has been screening in Toronto. The project is a low budget independent film.

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