Perhaps Chris Jericho's delay in returning to wrestling could be attributed to WWE giving him a chance to return to the form he was when he left the industry more than two years ago.

While WWE officials are obviously very excited that Chris Jericho is rejoining the fold, several people have told me personally that Jericho needs to put on some more bulk before he is considered TV-ready for Raw. Take that information for what it's worth, but according to those with whom I've talked that have seen him personally, his weight was believed to be no more than 200 pounds at the time he agreed to a new deal.

Even though the former undisputed champion has always been far from the largest stars in the industry, WWE feels he will need to build up his frame a little bit in order to (A) make him as marketable as his name value should be, and (B) help prevent injury.

In other news, former WCW valet Baby Doll posted several pictures from the recent FanFest show in San Francisco on her myspace page, which is viewable here:

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