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As noted earlier here on the site, Lita is planning a road tour and currently booking dates for her punk rock band "The Luchagors." Trish Stratus is planning on opening a yoga studio in North Toronto called "Stratusphere Yoga." Her goal is to franchise it.

WWE's newest diva Eve Torres will receive a one year contract worth $100,000 for winning the diva search competition. has an article up about Burke's appearance on "Ghost Hunters Live" along with photos and video.

If you are a fire fighter in the San Diego area you will be eligible to attend the WWE show at the IPayOne Center Saturday for free as WWE returns to San Diego, CA. Due to the recent fires that took over the San Diego and other areas in southern California, WWE will be giving away two free tickets to any fire fighter who presents a valid ID at the box office Saturday as a thank you for their work in the past week. WWE usually do similar deals to military personal. Smackdown! Superstar and San Diego's own Rey Mysterio will be working the show as well. (Thanks to Colin Vassallo)

Here is the schedule for the Raw brand this week:

* House Show in San Diego, CA on Saturday, November 3.
* House Show in San Bernardino, CA on Sunday, November 4.
* Raw live in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, November 5.

Here is the schedule for the Smackdown & ECW brands this week:

* House Show in Redding, CA on Saturday, November 3.
* House Show in Stockton, CA on Sunday, November 4.
* Smackdown/ECW tapings in Bakersfield, CA on Tuesday, November 6.

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