Latest On JBL's Wife Meredith; WWE Picked Up On The Story

Latest On JBL's Wife Meredith; WWE Picked Up On The Story
-- has picked up on the story of JBL's wife Meredith receiving the death threats, hate e-mails, and more. Below are some comments that Layfield made regarding the situation:

- "I'm proud of Meredith for what she did," said Layfield. "She stuck her neck out and told the truth. After all, she has to be honest with her investors, which a lot of analysts won't do for fear of upsetting the wrong people."

- "I think whoever would threaten the life of a woman is a cowardly piece of s***."

- "Meredith said she'd be fine and wanted me to visit my folks, but when someone threatens your wife, it's not a good idea to leave her."

- "I would hope that anyone who would threaten my wife would try to get physical with me because, believe me, I wouldn't hesitate in the least."

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