For those wondering, the Hollywood writers strike does not affect WWE. Late-night comedy shows like Jay Leno and David Letterman will be repeats.

The following is from Todd Sims: I just wanted to pass along that eliminated diva search contestant Jessica Hatch wrestled this weekend at an independent show in Arlington, Texas for PCW Professional Championship Wrestling. She is going to be appearing on a reality show called Rough House that is based on PCW. It will be airing on the Learning Channel. I believe she is also the girl that is doing shows for Booker T. Anyway, I briefly spoke to her and she says that she still wants to make it in WWE. It is nice to see an eliminated diva search contestant learning the ropes the hard way even after she's been eliminated.

The following is from Mike Informer: LOS ANGELES Sarah Michelle Gellar once the young star of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" plays a political porn princess in Richard Kelly's upcoming flick "Southland Tales" alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and she seems quite satisfied with her down and dirty role.

The following is from Mark U: I just saw a Playstation 3 commercial, and it's interesting to note that Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen" is the song played throughout the ad.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Vader (Leon White), 51, is now selling cars wholesale as his main job and is also involved with different marketing and advertising projects.

WWE has put up the trailer for the Shawn Michaels HeartBreak and Triumph DVD. The two-disc DVD set will be released in three weeks on November 27.

WWE removed Brooke Adams' profile from over the weekend. She was released from the company last week.

Lilian Garcia sent out the following note on her MySpace page ( Las Vegas street team needed for Thursday, 11/8 at the Mandalay Bay. Calling all Lilian Garcia fan's in Las Vegas. The Latin Grammy's are being held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort this Thursday, 11/8. We are looking for a street team to hand out flyers around the Mandalay Bay Casino advertising Lilian's debut album, "Quiero Vivir" being in stores now. For signing up and being chosen, you will receive an autographed cd as well, you will get to meet Lilian Garcia herself on Friday, 11/9. You will be contacted with the time and place. Please send your contact info to [email protected]

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