Jim Ross has updated his blog over at jrsbarbq.com. He comments on the Fabulous Moolah, HBK, Gregory Helms, Diva's costumes, more. Here are a few highlights from the blog:

- When we step back and think about what the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young have done on Monday Night Raw over the past few years, at their age it is extraordinary. Moolah may not have been overly popular with some of her peers because Moolah had the political influences with the promoters, but no one can ever deny Moolah's ever lasting influence and contributions to the business over 6 decades.

- I never dreamed my comments about the recent Diva Halloween Costume Contest would cause such a stir. This might be one of those "much to do's about nothing" moments. Was it that far off base?

- HBK was a challenging individual to be around back in the day and that has made for an interesting journey between he and I. Our relationship today is excellent and I am proud of the man that Shawn Michaels has become. The interview he referenced in his book, which is an excellent read by the way, was when he loaded his shorts with socks or something to annoy me. It was sophomoric, but funny when I look back on itů the interview, not the manhood.

- Gregory Helms is healing from neck surgery, but is healing nicely as I understand it. I don't expect him to be medically cleared for a few more months.

- Santino Marella has been a pleasant highlight on Raw in my view. He makes me laugh, which makes it hard for me to dislike the rascal. His remark about J.R. having an orgasm re: Austin arriving on the LA Raw was funny as hell. Mentioning "J.R." and an "orgasm" in the same sentence is a first for Raw.

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