Tickets for the WWE Royal Rumble in New York City at Madison Square Garden are expected to go on sale in late December. The company is expecting the show to be a sell out.

Speaking of tickets, no information has been released yet regarding the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, WWE hasn't even started to work on inductee ideas at this point. Ric Flair was expected to be the main attraction at this coming years event.

Matthew Mason sent this in: Just wanted to respond to the story about the Undertaker having the "SARA" tattoo. I was at the house show in Knoxville last night and he still has the tattoo.

TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan and wife Linda have been separated for some time now, and the couple even filmed part of their last season of "Hogan Knows Best" while apart. According to their report, Terry and Linda Bollea have been on the outs since June. Last week's divorce filing came as no surprise to Hulk, the kids or people who know the family. Because the Hogan's were separated during the filming of the previous season of "Hogan Knows Best", there were major production problems. Hulk and Linda had to "play nice" while filming scenes together, but it didn't always go smoothly. The show has not been picked up for another season. With all the buzz that's going around with the Hogan divorce, TMZ caught Brooke Hogan lounging by the swimming pool in Miami. "Despite news of her parents splitting up, the 19-year-old Hulk spawn sported a hot bikini while sunbathing in Miami on Sunday. This is something to be truly thankful for. While her music career may not be rockin' -- her body sure is!"

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