More On OVW's Bleak Future, Tomko's PPV Status, Angle, More
WWE's development territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) has seen far better days and its future seems questionable. Slowly but surely talent is moving from OVW to Florida Championship Wrestling leaving its roster with a thin 12-15 contracted wrestlers when the norm used to be 35-40. It's no myth that morale has been extremely low down there, the most recent incident occurring when Triple H and HBK spent time scouting and had nothing but bad things to say. The impression being that "we are looking for the next big thing but none of you are it." (That is not a quote). This may be a reflection of OVW's trainers and management and WWE's view of them, rather than the talent themselves. Al Snow the head trainer has also gained somewhat of a negative reputation in recent months. It may be too early to tell, but it seems that OVW might be on its way out.

At the moment there is still no official update on Tomko's status for this Sunday at Turning Point. If you guys have kept up to date with the news within the last week, New Japan Pro Wrestling announced Tomko underweight some kind of emergency surgery after a torn "muscle under the side". There are rumors that Robert Roode could act as Tomko's replacement. However he has been added to the match with Christian Cage taking out Booker T and Kaz, so there is little known about what will happen.
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In other TNA related news, Kurt and Karen Angle will be making an appearance at the Spike TV Video Game Awards that is being taped on Friday, December 7th. The show will air on Sunday, December 9th.

Congratulations go out to Balls Mahoney and his girlfriend on the birth of their son Christopher.

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