- Eric Young was chosen to replace Scott Hall at the last minute. Despite him not being a known main eventer, he was selected because he was the only face that wasn't tired and he had the backing from creative's Dutch Mantel. Kaz was also discussed but he cracked his head earlier on in the PPV.

- As previously reported Rhino was off the PPV due to a neck injury that was sustained from a kick from Rellik on the last Impact. Rhino couldn't be sure what the injury was but knew something was wrong and is waiting for a doctor's opinion. He had neck fusion surgery a few years back so any neck injury is a big deal and potentially career threatening.

- Whether it was Scott Hall no showing or the positive input from Booker T, TNA are planning on trimming the roster and cutting the "dead wood" from the locker room. The feeling is that if a wrestler isn't there to make TNA the best promotion around, then they should be released.

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