Adam Lebow sent this in: Was just watching Sportsnet Connected, and they aired a 3:30 focus feature on Brock Lesnar, and his shift from WWE to NFL to K1 and now to UFC. The WWE footage that was mostly used was the footage from the ring implosion angle he did with Big Show on Smackdown a few years back. The first 3 minutes of the video is available at this link. After that, they did a 30 second piece with Showdown Joe Ferraro, who basically said that the UFC took a risk booking this match against Frank Mir and he expects Lesnar to lose. Interesting that they would do a 3 minute focus on a guy who the Sportsnet analyst doesn't expect to win.

As noted earlier, TNA canceled the December 14 and 15 live events in Mexico today. Ticket sales were described as being embarrassingly bad.

As also reported on yesterday, Senshi (Low Ki) quit TNA at a meeting yesterday. All wrestlers were given the same option by the company, but Senshi was the only one to take them up on the offer. He worked last night's TV taping and is expected to work the tapings tonight as well.

As for the altercation between Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe backstage that we reported on yesterday, there are lots of people feeling it might have been a work considering the parties involved. All that is known is that Nash pie-faced Joe backstage and it was broken up right away. I'm under the impression though that it was legit with Joe's apology yesterday at the tapings.

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