Christian Cage is in the ring and says there will be a tag team match with Kurt Angle & Robert Roode vs. Christian and a partner of his choosing. Angle and Roode interrupt and the match is set up for later tonight,

Backstage interview with Styles and Tomko about how they have to choose sides between Angle & Roode or Christian.

Scott Steiner defeated Petey Williams, BG James and Christopher Daniels in a Four Way match.

Jeremy Borash comes to the ring and they offer Steiner a $50,000 check or any choice of "Feast or Fired" briefcase he wants. They had the briefcases set up like the show "Deal or No Deal" complete with girls next to the briefcases. Steiner decides to take Petey's briefcase. Petey was then given Scott Steiner's case. Petey opened it and found out he now had the World Heavyweight Title match.

Kaz defeated Rellik. After the match, Black Reign attacked Kaz and they put a bag with Misty the Rat over his face.

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Jackie Moore and Traci Brooks. After the match, Roode comes out and rips on Traci for losing until Sharmell comes out. Roode then ripped on Sharmell until Booker T came out to make the save.

They did an in-ring confrontation with Jim Mitchell and Abyss. Judas Mesias makes his return and bloodies Abyss with char shots and barbed wire.

Booker T defeated the Wildcat Chris Harris.

BG James was allowed to open his "Feast or Fired" briefcase and found out he won the World Tag Team Title shot.

Jay Lethal defeated Johnny Devine in a X-Division Lumberjack Strap match. Senshi was one of the lumberjacks.

They have Scott Steiner and Christopher Daniels open the last two briefcases. Steiner got the X Division Title match and Christopher Daniels got fired. Daniels started to cry as he shook hands with Jeremy Borash and Scott Steiner.

Robert Roode and Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage who wrestled alone. (The storyline being that no one wanted to team with him.)

After the match they continued to beat him down. AJ Styles came down and got close to the ring, but then walked away.

Xplosion Match: Cowboy James Storm defeated Sonjay Dutt.

Gail Kim defeated ODB.

Sharkboy and Eric Young defeated The Rock & Rave Infection.

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