WWE.com has full coverage of last night's big Raw 15th Anniversary show up. Backstage interviews with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley and others are also up.

Antonio sent this in: Here in the NYC area, an ad ran for the Jan. 7 Raw at Mohegan Sun in CT, promoting Jericho vs. Orton for the WWE championship.

We've had a few more readers send us word asking why Bret Hart didn't appear on Raw last night despite being advertised in previews on both cable and satellite. Hart noted recently on TSN's "Off the Record" program that he was contacted by WWE to appear on the show, but turned them down.

Yesterday I noted on the site that it was possible Sid Vicious was backstage at RAW. Basically we had a fan that was out in the back of the arena watching the guys come in and saw a big guy with sunglasses and a baseball cap walk in. The fan who was in the back thought it COULD have been Sid. Considering he didn't appear on the show he may have been mistaken. I never officially confirmed that he was there here on the site.

Rob Van Dam has not signed any new contract with WWE. I'm told it was a one time deal last night. It would take a huge offer from WWE for Rob to come back as he seems to be enjoying his time at home in California.

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