According to the Legends Champoinship Wrestling website, Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been placed in rehab by World Wrestling Entertainment.

"Baby Doll" Nickla Roberts, who is featured on Legends Championship Wrestling, informed the company that Jake "The Snake" Roberts was placed in a nine-week rehab program this past Monday by WWE. Nickla Roberts is the ex-wife of Roberts' half-brother, Sam Houston, who has stayed in close contact with Roberts.

In a recent interview Nickla Roberts said "Jake needs prayers and support from all of us."

Jake "The Snake" Roberts was last seen in WWE back in 2005 where he confronted Randy Orton, who was preparing to challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. He later had a brief spell in TNA last year.

This appears to be the first former WWE Superstar who has accepted WWE's offer to pay for their rehab.

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