Lance Storm has wrote a clarification column responding to feedback about his recent TNA rant where he called the product "retarded". In the column, he offers his thoughts in a clearer way and more thought-out fashion. Below is a bit from the column:

"It should come as no surprise to anyone that I received a ton of email regarding my TNA is retarded post. I was surprised however that I actually received more email agreeing with my stance than just outright hate mail from the TNA diehards. Some of the TNA defenders got quite rude with me but I did respond to a lot of them and I think I've changed at least a few of their views, after explaining my stance better.

In light of that, I thought I would take the time here to clarify my stance, in a calmer manner, and explain to everyone why I get so frustrated and angry with TNA Impact. Most of the TNA defenders defend the current product with the same argument that argument being that Impact is better than WWE programming, and that WWE sucks as much, or even more, than Impact. To this I say, so what! Whether WWE is putting out a worse product or for that matter the worst product in the history of the planet really shouldn't enter into the argument."

You can read the full transcript by clicking here.

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