From Brian Beshears: It was just announced on the In Your Head radio show that New Jack is going to be on the new hip hop CD by recording artist Duckman. The site is live streamed and downloadable at

From Jorge Uribe: I bought the jingle with Jillian itunes CD yesterday and it was only $1.95 not $4.95 for all 5 songs, I couldn't find it in search under "WWE" and I had to type the title of the album "Jingle with Jillian" to find it, maybes it on clearance or for a limited time or something.

Bill Parkman also passed this along: This message was posted earlier on the Myspace bulletins via Jake Roberts' myspace account. Dec 13, 2007 10:59 AM - Subject: Statement on Jake Roberts - Body: To answer many of your questions, yes, the rumors are true ... Jake Roberts entered rehab on Monday, Dec. 10th. Obviously, Jake wanted his whereabouts kept private and confidential. We were shocked and disturbed to see that this information was sadly and unfortunately leaked. With that said, now all we ask is that you keep Jake Roberts in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Jake B (for Jake Roberts, Shannon, Viper & Ben)

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