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The decision to use Eric Young in the main event at Turning Point due to Scott Hall no-showing the event was made by Jeff Jarrett as a last minute decision.

Speaking of Young getting the main event spot, apparently Samoa Joe suggested Homicide, but he was told that Homicide wasn't over enough or good enough for the spot. According to the story, Homicide heard about it and was really hot at management over it. The website has tons more backstage news on this story.

After TNA offered anyone unhappy their release, guys like Kurt Angle, Booker T, Earl Hebner, and Travis Tomko gave speeches about how most of the guys in WWE are miserable, and talked about the pressure and the politics of being in World Wrestling Entertainment. is reporting that Amazing Kong also gave a speech about being contacted by both WWE and TNA, and going with TNA since she believed WWE wasn't going to be the right fit for her.

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