From Brian Tramel: rasslinriotonline presents "Cheap Heat Radio" on Friday 12.21.07 at 9:00 AM. Host Gene Jackson & co-host Brian Tramel will talk to "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart about the Memphis Wrestling situation then tune in as we discuss old school wrestling psychology vs. new school wrestling & highspots. We'll be joined by "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, and local Memphis guys to debate the topic at hand.

From from Andrew Vrchota: David Herro is reporting on the Milwaukee Wrestling Message Boards that indy wrestler Silas Young has signed a WWE Developmental Deal. He will be located to OVW most likely. No date is confirmed on when he reports to developmental.

Speaking of CM Punk, he is featured in a new Albany Times-Union article where he says that he would like a time machine for Christmas. Punk promotes the SmackDown/ECW event on December 26th. Click here to read it.

As mentioned yesterday, former WWF superstar Damian Demento, who was featured in the main event of the first-ever Monday Night RAW against the Undertaker, recently posted three videos on YouTube to vent about the wrestling industry. He bashes WWE, vents on steroids, and more. We have confirmed that the videos are legitimate and that they are Demento.

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