Partial Source(s): The Wrestling Observer Newsletter & is reporting that The Rock and Rave Infection is scheduled to be built towards a feud with LAX to keep the Christy Hemme Storyline running and then rumors are strong that the team will be split up after putting LAX over. As previously noted, Rave is not under contract and unless things change, is unlikely to be with the company long after. As for where that would leave Hoyt in all of this, that is anyone's guess. All that is known is that TNA is dropping most of their Male/Female partnerships and reserving those storylines for the likes of Booker/Sharmel and the Angles.

At this point, there appears to be little interest from WWE in Senshi, who is finishing up with TNA. If anything they would be willing to offer a developmental contract but given his connections in the independents and his ability to keep an active schedule with outside bookings it's extremely unlikely Senshi would take such a role as it may be considered a step back. is reporting that he has a strong following in the US and overseas and to that end he is very well respected amongst his peers so leaving TNA doesn't hurt him as much as TNA would like to think it does.

While it's been public knowledge that Killings and Senshi have asked and were granted their releases, there remains several other talents who have requested said releases but did so in a less public fashion. Right now TNA is doing what they can to keep the additional talent from leaving the company. Moral is low in the back and despite the rumors, while their are some that have a desire or interest in being brought into WWE, the truth remains that many will either be rejected or thrown into the Developmental System until they can wash off the Stigma of these talents being affiliated with TNA. It should be interesting though that a majority of those that addressed the issue on a more private forum, a great deal of them plan to work overseas or in Mexico and do not, despite internet rumors, expect to be immediately signed to WWE. is reporting that there has been calls by talent to Tye Bailey and John Laurinitus however nothing to an extreme as people are led to believe on the net. Everyday WWE is contacted by someone in TNA or by an authorize rep of the talent to find out if they could be brought up.

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