Booker T Misses Flights, Angle, Samoa Joe, Final Resolution, & More

Booker T Misses Flights, Angle, Samoa Joe, Final Resolution, & More
IGF out of Japan has announced on their official web site that TNA star Booker T missed his flight and will not be at tonight's show. The promotion is trying to pass it off as an emergency, however, it appears that they were completely blindsided by the no-show.

TNA Wrestling has announced that they will release several Visuwalls (life-size vinyl wall graphics). Wrestlers that will be featured include Booker T, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Sting, Christian Cage, Jay Lethal, Karen Angle, Tomko, AJ Styles, and Shark Boy.

TNA Wrestling is committed to holding the majority of their 2008 PPV events outside of Orlando. While January's Final Resolution will take place from the iMPACT! Zone, February's Against All Odds has already been confirmed for Greenville, South Carolina. We've now received word that Destination X, which is tentatively scheduled for March 16th, will take place on the road. No 'destination' has been confirmed yet.

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