If you missed the show on Tuesday night, you can watch the full "Best of ECW 2007" online over on WWE.com.

Dave N. sent this in: The WWE Tribute to the Troops show will be airing in the UK at 9:30pm on Thursday on Sky Sports 3. It will not be airing Friday at 9:00am and 5:00pm, instead a "Best of RAW 2007" will be airing.

Dave N. also sent this in: Finally, this Monday night, WWE Raw is being promoted as airing at 11pm and 3am on New Year's Eve, on Sky Sports 3 with the title "WWE Late-Night RAW 2008". I think this means that RAW will not be airing at its usual 2am slot, and will be airing earlier than usual. I think they will be showing a normal RAW episode, except with it on earlier. The only reason its on earlier is because it will be taped (show being taped this Saturday), therefore WWE can send the tape to Sky Sports before hand. This means that it will be the first time ever WWE Raw will be airing in the UK before it does in the United States.

The wrestler who portrayed a fake Shawn Michaels in a skit with Mr. Kennedy a few weeks back, Jeff Lewis, apparently impressed officials enough to be given a tryout at Ohio Valley Wrestling this past week.

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